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This beautiful rendition of Chakras is comprised of words associating to the corresponding chakra within it. It covers words that resonate with a fully opened chakra as well as some words resonating with an overactive or underactive chakra. 

The words resonating with the crown chakra continue on the left arm, the third eye continues on the right arm, and the throat continues on the feet.


The colors are pearlescent and carry a beautiful pearl shine when exposed to the sun, there is also an almost invisible pearl white aura surrounding the figure that can only be seen in the sun.


You will love this original piece in your meditation room or anywhere else!


Please note: As all pieces are made by hand, there may be small variations in the writing and color. 



  • 11x15" 140# watercolor paper with pearlescent chakras. 

    Black ink is Ziller's soot black and white ink is Dr. PH Martin's Bleed Proof White.

  • As all pieces are calligraphed to order, we do not accept returns nor exchanges. However, please contact me if there are any problems with the order.