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Raquel Demorest

Founder, Professional Calligrapher

Welcome to the world of exquisite artistry with Raquel, a passionate calligrapher, engraver, and painter based in Kirkland, Washington. With a journey that began in 2017, Raquel has dedicated herself to achieving a high proficiency in three distinct scripts, infusing each stroke with a unique blend of creativity and precision.

Specializing not only in the timeless elegance of calligraphy but also in the intricate art of engraving and painting, Raquel brings a multi-faceted approach to the world of visual expression. The mastery extends to live events and experiential marketing, where Raquel collaborates with luxury brands, creating immersive and captivating experiences.

Beyond the artistry, Raquel is also a dedicated instructor, sharing the beauty of calligraphy through engaging and informative lessons. Whether guiding beginners or refining the skills of seasoned enthusiasts, Raquel imparts a deep appreciation for the art form.

Outside the studio, Raquel finds inspiration in a love for animals, the exhilaration of aviation (as a private pilot), and the strategic precision of golf. These diverse passions reflect a personality that thrives on the balance between creativity and discipline, resulting in a truly unique and captivating artistic journey.

Embark on a visual odyssey with Raquel , where art, aviation, and the love of life converge to create an unparalleled artistic experience.

Raquel's extraordinary talent for calligraphy lies in her ability to capture the nuances, feelings, and emotions in every word she crafts. Even the simplest letters are translated declarations of beauty and elegance. It is an honor to have her art in my home and to share with friends.


Raquel's impeccable customer service and skill is a valuable resource for our clients who are in need of on-the-spot customization for gifts and purchases.

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